Take the HIGH road!!

PÜR products

  1. Flower room:  In our flower room, we use high-pressure sodium lights.
  2. Veg room:  In the veg room, we use metal Halide lights for optimum plant growth.
  3. Curing jars:  As soon as the correct moisture content is achieved (targeted 8%) last step in the curing process is to seal each strain in air-tight jars. This gives the THC or CBD a chance to fully develop into its maximum potency. Think of this step in the same way wine growers age in barrels. Each jar gets opened (burped) every day, and carefully rolled in its jar, which maximizes airflow.
  4. RO System: We filter our tap water by using a reverse osmosis system to ensure that the plants have the best water possible.  
  5. Trimming:  The next step is to handle each individual bud. With our A grade bud, we carefully trim away any small leaves to create a bud that is pleasing to the eye. Our B grade bud are tiny buds that are too small for market but still potent and the "sugar leaf" that are the small leaves trimmed away from the A grade buds. B grade bud is dried and cured, finely ground up, and then made into a high level marijuana cigarette (joints). Our C grade material will go into an extraction machine to turn it into oils that we will use for food material or vape pens. There is very little waste.
  6. Drying room:  After small individual branches have been fully trimmed, they will line hang for 2 to 5 days depending on the density of the bud. This gives the buds a chance to begin to dry out. 
  7. Trim room:  The branches have been trimmed away from the stalk and are ready to be hand trimmed. The buds are still very spongy and wet at this point.
  8. Nursery:  This is the beginning of the process where we take clones and get them started under flourescent lights.

  9. PÜR products:  Look for our PÜR products at a retail store near you. 


Veg room

Flower room

Drying room

Trim room


Curing jars

RO System

Try PÜR today!  You will taste the difference by taking the HIGH road. 
At PÜR we take the quality of our cannabis products seriously. A quality product can only be created in the perfect environment. Our plants are grown in a state-of-the-art facility located in Raymond, Washington. We filter our tap water using a reverse osmosis system to ensure that the plants enjoy the best water available. We use only the finest growing medium and nutrients. Our indoor garden uses recirculated and filtered air to protect our plants from airborne pathogens. In addition, we control the humidity, temperature and CO2 levels in the air to create the ideal growing environment for cannabis plants. Our attention to detail is evident in every step of the process from growing to harvesting, drying, curing and packaging.